Frederic Township Fire Department

Frederic Township Fire Department provides snowmobile rescue services to the northern half of Crawford County, Michigan. Our two snowmobile rescue units and 4-wheeler provide rescue services to over 324 square miles within the county and on Camp Grayling Military Ranges in some of the most remote locations.


Our rescue units are equipped with medical equipment need to rapidly treat and transport patients to an awaiting ambulance or helicopter in some of the severest of environmental conditions. Units are equipped with state of the art communications technology which allows us to communicate directly with an emergency department physicians at the scene of a remote snowmobile accident where cell phone reception is not possible. Finding the location of the nearest road accessible by ambulance or location to land a helicopter can easily be done with onboard GPS units. During the warmer months our rescue units are converted for ORV rescue service and our protection area increases to countywide for a response area of 576 square miles.

In order to assist our rescue teams in locating you in the event of an accident, we ask that riders take note of emergency trail locater signs located through out the trail network in Crawford County (see picture below). These signs are located at key points through out the trail network and assist us in rapidly locating you. This number should be relayed to emergency dispatchers when calling 911.


We recommend the following tips when involved in snowmobile or ORV accident in our area causing someone to be injured:


Ø    Call 911 immediately and give trail locater number or GPS coordinates (state law requires all snowmobile accidents causing injury to be reported to local law enforcement)

Ø    Do not attempt to move the victim – movement can cause unnecessary pain, further injury or death.

Ø    Turn off snowmobiles near the victim ( Yes- we have had accident victims with Carbon Monoxide poisoning from snowmobile exhaust fumes)

Ø    Keep the victim as warm as possible

Ø    Individuals who are trained in First Aid should consider approved first aid techniques to assist victims prior to our arrival. Non lifesaving techniques should be avoided if they result in increase risk of hypothermia or frost bite.


Remember most accidents can be avoided by simply slowing down and avoiding all alcohol use when on the trails.


Rescue equipment has been purchased through grants and donations from community minded individuals, businesses, and organizations. In order for us to continue to upgrade and maintain equipment in a state of constant readiness, continued support is necessary for the success of the program. Individuals or organization that would like to donate to the rescue program are encouraged to contact Chief Pratt at:


 (989) 348-8190


Frederic Township Fire Department

PO Box 79

Frederic, MI 49733


Check donations should be made out to Frederic Township Fire Department please place Snowmobile Rescue Fund on memo line.


Emergency Trail Locator Sign

Updated trail conditions are courtesy of

Sleadeads of Frederic and are available at:

   142 Snowmobile Rescue