Frederic Township Fire Department

 Quality & Compassionate Care

By Professionals Determined to Give You Their Very Best

Providing round the clock care Frederic Township Fire Department wants to provide you with their very best night or day. With a staff of over 35 local employees we have the availability of a full time department with the heart of an agency whose employees still drop everything in a heartbeat on their day off to be there for you in a medical emergency. Seeking to give our best means constant weekly training on site and specialty training off site for our employees. Frederic Township Fire Department employs full time Firefighter/Paramedic Staff with the following in medical specialized certifications:

· Basic Life Support

· Advanced Cardiac Life Support

· Pediatric Advanced Life Support

· Neonatal Resuscitation

· Trauma Life Support

· Critical Care Transport

As a local agency our heart and souls reside within your community making it imperative for us to be on the cutting edge of not only training but technology. We have a fleet of 6 Ambulances, with one of our ambulances being equipped with 4 Wheel Drive giving us the ability to reach you anywhere you might need us, 2 Snowmobiles with Rescue Bogans, and an All Terrain Vehicle with Rescue Bogan. Our ambulances are equipped with technology such as 12 lead cardiac monitors for early Heart Attack detection, ventilators for intubated patients in active respiratory arrest, CPAP technology to treat CHF and Asthmatic Emergencies, IV Pumps for accurate medication administration and the constant search for equipment that enables us to provide you with the best of care.

In addition to our current resources Frederic Township Fire Department is proud to partner with other agencies in predetermined mutual aid agreements in the event of a disaster or an emergency that extends beyond our capabilities. These agencies include:

·         Albert Township Lewiston Fire Department

·         Bear Lake Township Fire Department

·         Blue Lake Fire Department

·         Coldsprings Excelsior Township Fire & Rescue

·         Denton Township EMS

·         Houghton Lake EMS

·         Lovells Township Fire Department and EMS

·         Lyon Township Fire Department

·         MMR - Grayling

·         North Flight EMS

·         Otsego Lake Township Fire Department

·         Otsego County EMS

·         South Branch Fire & EMS