Frederic Township Fire Department

Fire Department Leadership

The Chief's Safety Philosophy


Personnel are the most valuable resource to our department. No phase of the department is of greater importance than their personal safety. We believe that accidents can be prevented and that safety is a requirement of everyone's job. In order to create a safe workplace, the department is committed to following a four-point safety philosophy.


Leadership.  Individuals placed in command roles must have the knowledge and skills required to deal with firefighter health and safety issues. They must be able to make meaningful assessments of the health and safety condition of each firefighter and the department as a whole. This is done by identifying weaknesses, motivators, and following the standing operating procedures of this department.


Training.  Fire department training programs must include personal health and safety training as an essential part of operations training. There must be an increased awareness of health and safety in every aspect of the fire department operations.


Equipment.  Equipment must be maintained and operated in a safe manner at all times. 

Response.  The safety of our personnel is the number one concern at all calls. The department recognizes that personnel will be faced with hazardous situations during most calls. Each individual has the right to refuse any order without the fear of being criticized when their health and safety is jeopardized until the hazardous condition has been abated.