Frederic Township Fire Suppression
Frederic Township Fire Department has a Mission statement of "To Go When Needed". We are an all-hazard Fire Department founded in 1962 that strives for exceptional service, professional and compassionate care, and an innovative atmosphere.
Frederic Fire Department Operates out of 3 station servicing 2 Townships in Crawford County; Frederic and Maple Forest (108 square miles) for fire coverage. FTFD proudly serves Camp Grayling with on cantonment fire suppression as well as emergency medical services. Our contracted service for full time support starts May 1 and ends September 30 of each year. 

Frederic Fire utilizes multiple apparatuses on each type of fire scene. The support of our community has allowed us to enhance our fleet of emergency response vehicles to fit the evolving world of fire suppression. Our fleet of Fire Suppression and Response Vehicles include:

Engine 1 - Used for Structural Firefighting. Capacity 5 personnel, Pump Capacity 1500 gallons, Water Capacity 1000 gallons, Foam Capable, 4" LDH Hydrant Capable, SCBA Equipment, 4 Gas Monitor, Cyanide Monitor, Rescue Tools

Engine 2 - Used for Structural Firefighting and Vehicle Rescue. Capacity 5 personnel, Pump Capacity 1250 gallons, Water Capacity 1000 gallons, Foam Capable, 4" LDH Hydrant Capable, Hydraulic Rescue Jaws, Traffic Control Equipment, SCBA Equipment

Engine 10 - Used for Structural Firefighting and Military Base Rescue. Capacity 3 personnel, Pump Capacity 1250 gallons, Water Capacity 1000 gallons, Foam Capable, 4" LDH Hydrant Capable, Hydraulic Rescue Tools, SCBA Equipment, Combat Lock Tool

Tender 1 - Used for Water Support in Structural Firefighting. Capacity 2 personnel, Pump Capacity 500 gallons, Water Capacity 3000 gallons. Rear Water Dump, Drop Tank, 5" Connect.

Brush 1 - Used in Wildland/Brush Fire. Capacity 3 personnel, Pump Capacity 350 gallons, Water Capacity 250 gallons, Foam Capable, 4X4 Off Road, Portable Firefighting Pump with 300' of 1" Forestry Hose Line.

Frederic Township Fire Department Specialized Rescue

An important aspect and benefit to having an All Rescue Fire Department that provides Emergency Medical Services is the Rescue capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable with private EMS agencies. Here at Frederic Fire Department we have the equipment and knowledge to perform rescue operations such as:

  • Vehicle Extrication with a vehicle stabilization system 

  • ORV Rescue

  • Snowmobile Rescue

  • Basic Search & Rescue

  • Downed Aircraft Rescue

  • Farm Medic, which enables us to respond to emergencies involving farming equipment that our traditional methods of extrication will not work on.

  • Water Rescue

Our Rescue Response Vehicles include: 
Boat 1 - Used in Open Water Rescue
ORV 1 - Used in Off Road Rescue, Rescue Sled attached for patient rescue
Snow 1 & Snow 2 - Used in Snowmobile Rescue, Rescue Sled attached for patient rescue

Our department members show great interest in furthering their training, knowledge, and preparedness to handle any emergency. It is because of our training and safety expectation that we have Firefighter EMT’s that are capable of participating and performing  with other local agencies through mutual aid agreements in the areas of:

·         High Angle Rescue

·         Swift Water Rescue

·         Open Water Rescue

·         Ice Rescue

This enables our Firefighter EMT’s on scene to perform immediate assessments and make interventions that will improve a victim’s outcome. In addition we have staff capable of participating and acting as a Technical Consultant in Confined Space Search and Rescue. Our department is dedicated to furthering the education, training, and prepardness that our residents deserve. As further evidence of this we have employees that have traveled out of state to receive training in infectious diseases and HAZMAT Operations at no cost to the residents of Frederic and Maple Forest Townships. 

Frederic Township Fire Department finds the most valuable tool in any situation to be the depth of each individuals education and training, especailly in an emergency.