Frederic Township Fire Department
Fire Safety At Home 
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When residents request ambulance services the township we bill their insurance company for services rendered.  After insurance companies pay their portion, residents receive one bill for any remaining charges such as co-pays.  This bill is generated because of Medicare requirements.  Residents are encouraged NOT to pay the bill and all additional fees are waived.  No residents receive a second bill and are never taken to collections.  Residents do not have any additional out of pocket cost above and beyond what their medical insurance pays.  Residents that lack insurance have no out of pocket cost either.  Since the beginning of Chief Pratt’s administration Frederic Township Fire Department has provided the residents of Crawford County with over a hundred eleven thousand in charity care. 

Frederic Township never bills individuals regardless of their residency that only want to be evaluated and not transported to the hospital.  We believe that billing anyone that does not get transported by the ambulance is an unethical practice; any individual wanting to be evaluated by one of our health care providers has a basic right to receive the evaluation at no cost.



On October 28th, 2012 smoke billowed from the Viking Hutt Concession Stand at Grayling High School.  It was a mere hours before the pre-district Championship game.  The blaze was extinguished by the efforts of the Frederic Township Fire Department quickly.  Ventilation Fans were used to clear out the concession stand; along with the bathrooms that were attached to it.  Restrooms were deemed safe for use by checking the air quality with gas monitors.  With this knowledge the highschool Athletic Director decided the game would continue as planned. 

There was only one problem... What would game fans eat & drink?  The Frederic Township Fire Department and Athletic Boosters pulled together.  Frederic Township Fire Department command trailer and tent were brought out to the game site to serve as a makeshift concession stand.  To go with it; hot dogs, buns, condiments, beverages and more were donated as well by the fire department.  Meanwhile the Athletic Boosters scrambled to pull together everthing else that would be needed that night.


At the end of it all, the Vikings WON the game and the community grew a little closer.  It was learned that with teamwork we can accomplish awesome and somewhat miraculous things for our community.  As for the game ball that night, it was signed and has found a home at the Frederic Township Fire Department reminding local firefighters that their jobs are about more than fighting fires and saving lives.  It's about making a difference, helping out where we can and above all else people.