Frederic Township Fire Department

Education Offerings

Fire Extinguisher Training
For Frederic and Maple Forest Twp Residents
Saturday May 5th at 9:00a.m.
Region 7 Medical Disaster Preparedness Network
Frederic Township Fire Department houses the Region 7 Mobile Patient Simulation Unit. This unit provides a unique training opportunity available to all of Region 7. It is capable of running multiple different scenarios for training and continuing education. The Sim-Man is able to speak has a pulse, blood pressure as well as being able to show different kinds of heart rhythms. The Trailer is also set up to video record the simulations for critique and use as training. If your department is part Michigan's Region 7 and would like to put on training with the Mobile Simulation Unit please contact us to set up a date or to get more information.   

CPR Classes 
CPR Classes are available through Frederic Township Fire Department. We are able to provide both Full CPR classes as well as the CPR Refresher course. Training can be held on location or we can come to you. For more information or to set up a CPR class please contact us.