Frederic Township Fire Department

In Specialized Rescue Your Safety is Our Concern

An important aspect and benefit to having an All Hazard Fire Department that provides Emergency Medical Services are the Rescue capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable with most EMS agencies. Here at Frederic Fire Department we have the equipment and knowledge to perform rescue operations such as:

·         Vehicle Extrication with a vehicle stabilization system 

·         ORV Rescue

·         Snowmobile Rescue

·         Basic Search & Rescue

·         Downed Aircraft Rescue

·         Farm Medic, which enables us to respond to emergencies involving farming equipment that our traditional methods of extrication will not work on.

On our department, safety, training and preparation are paramount to success and it is because of this that we have Firefighter EMT’s on staff capable of participating and performing  with other local agencies through mutual aid agreements in the areas of:

·         High Angle Rescue

·         Swift Water Rescue

·         Open Water Rescue

·         Ice Rescue

This enables our Firefighter EMT’s on scene to perform immediate assessments and in some cases interventions to improve the victim’s outcome even as rescue operations are being performed. In addition we have staff capable of participating or acting as a Technical Consultant with assistance to other agencies in the area of Confined Space Entry & Rescue. With all this training already available as a resource to the public during a time of emergency we are dedicated in our strides to further our training and what we have to offer as a service to the community. As further evidence of this we have employees that have been sent down through a partnership with FEMA to Anniston, Alabama for Hazmat Technician Training and Certification at no cost to the residents of Frederic and Maple Forest Townships with additional staff attending this training yearly. In all that we have done and will do in the future it is our honor to do our very best to prepare ourselves to help you in your time of need.