Frederic Township Fire Department

Frederic Township Fire Department, founded in 1962, has proudly and continuously provided emergency service to the residents of Frederic and Maple Forest Township.  Frederic Township Fire Department (FTFD) specializes in many areas of public safety from fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services, to our emphasis on fire prevention and safety education. Our department has always worked diligently to meet the changing needs of our community. 

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Are you looking for a CPR certification course? Frederic Township Fire Department is your one stop location. Call the Station 989-348-8190 and ask for Captain Swander to set up your group's class.

Are you looking to join the world of EMS?
Here is your opportunity to serve in your community. Call as soon as possible, filling spots now.
Thousands of infants die from unsafe Sleep Related Conditions each year. With proper education and safe sleep habits, the majority of these deaths are preventable. Providing this education and a safe place for your baby to sleep through the MDHHS Safe Sleep and D.O.S.E. Program is how Captain Brandi Ginnever and Executive Secretary Christin Turner are doing their part with their partners at Frederic Township Fire Department to help prevent these unnecessary deaths. 
Do you need a safe place for your baby to sleep? Are you unsure if where your infant is sleeping is safe for them? Have another question? We are here to help. We are available by phone, email, or Facebook. 
Phone (989) 348-8190 Ext 1003
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